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Georgia Cannon is an interior designer who creates refined spaces in partnership with local architects, artists and craftspeople.

Inspired by her partnerships with traditional craftspeople (known for having ‘maker’s marks’), the brand needed to have a strong mark of its own. The geometry of the new logomark is a nod to Georgia Cannon’s appreciation of raw forms and of midcentury design, while also subtly representing her initials (GC).

Every touchpoint of the brand needed to communicate Georgia Cannon’s skill in sensory curation, from print to digital.

To develop a unique visual language which emphasised quality and tactility, the shapes of the logmark were recontextualised to create ‘material portraits’. As a defining feature of the brand, material portraits are a collage of intricate details which showcase a unique combination of colour, texture and light. Each space designed by Georgia Cannon was given its own signature material portrait.

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