How to craft a meaningful design portfolio and career

September 10, 2020

As the sun begins to set on a surreal year, another group of design grads are preparing to forge their design careers.

Gangplank's co-founder, Brenton Craig, shared his insights with the final-year QUT Interactive and Visual Design students. Along with sharing his personal design journey and his latest work and processes at Gangplank, Brenton also gave his top tips for crafting a meaningful design portfolio and career.

Stay curious.

"Stay interested in many different things and have a willingness to play. Even if your creative practice remains the same, it will be enriched by the broader experiences."

Care about something.

"Really invest in an idea, philosophy or cause. It may change over time but you need something central to your practice that helps lift you up when things get tough."

Connect with others.

"You need to build rapport with clients to do great work. It takes time and intention but people are your doorways to new opportunities and career progression."

Keep creating.

"The work you show is the work you get. You're in control of your own creative destiny and if you want to do a certain project or type of work, then just do it! Literally nothing can stop you and the simple act of 'doing' creates an invigorating momentum. The only difference between you and your idols: they took action."

We look forward to speaking at QUT again and we wish the final year IVD students all the best venturing into the weird and wonderful world of design!

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